PEER x We’re All Human: Positive Clubs At Broad Run

The Sources of Strength Wheel

The Sources of Strength Wheel

Ari Khan and Lauren Yeo

PEER is a club at Broad Run High School sponsored by Christopher Zyck.  It stands for positive experiences educational relationships.

“PEER is a student lead group; students are trained in basic counseling skills, but PEER is not trained in counseling.  Therefore, if a student implies that they have intentions of harming others, if others are harming them, or if they are harming themselves, it must be reported to school counseling,” said Zyck.

These students, who are trained in basic counseling skills, are called peers.  They help other students that go through difficult issues such as, toxic relationships, stress, bullying, and much more, by talking to them through the situation.

“If students who go through issues have a difficult time talking to adults they can request a peer who can help them through any issues they’re having problems with,”  said Zyck.  

Everything is confidential, the peer you request will not discuss your issues with another person, including Mr. Zyck.  If a peer has a hard time helping you through an issue they may discuss it with Mr. Zyck but will not disclose your name or anyone else’s name in the conversation they have.

PEER does activities such as stress month, they promote healthy activities, healthy relationships, and anti-bullying.

If you would like to request a peer you can go to the school website go to Activities, click More, then click PEER.  Which will take you to the google form to fill out and request a peer.

Like PEER, We’re All Human is a club that focuses on similar issues. We’re all Human started as a depression and suicide awareness club after Ryan Bartel took his life about 5 years ago.  The club was started by Ryan’s mom and she named it “We’re All Human” after a line in her journal. 

“The goal of this club is inclusion and making a school a positive environment together by bringing awareness to treat people with kindness,” Jennifer Kroll said.

Both PEER and We’re All Human use the sources of strength wheel to help guide and help other students as well as each other.

“The purpose of this club is to help students realize what their sources of strengths are whether its supportive friends or mentors. All the activities that we do during meetings are geared towards that goal,” Kroll said.