Ravens v. Patriots Sunday Night Football insights

Nikhil Swamy, Writer/Editor

Week nine Sunday Night Football will be the Baltimore Ravens hosting the New England Patriots. The Ravens are going into this matchup leading their division at (5-2) against the undefeated Patriots sitting at (8-0). While a loss to either team might not ultimately end a season to either team, but this is one of the more important SNF games in awhile for many key reasons.  

  1. Every opponent excluding Buffalo was below .500 wins so it’s hard to really gauge how good this Pats defense has been. The Patriots as a whole have been stellar this year but I believe Lamar Jackson ́s unconventional style could frustrate them like how Mahomes did last year.
  2. This game will shake up the playoff picture in the AFC. If the Patriots win, then it is a sure fire bet that the AFC will go through FoxBorough. If the Ravens can pull off an upset and manage to keep their record the same as New England’s, the tie breaker will be in Baltimore in the playoffs. There are a lot of factors that may change the outcome of the postseason, but with Mahomes out and Indy being bested by the Patriots more times than not, Baltimore stands a chance. The Ravens remain one of the few shots left to take down the undefeated Goliath of the Patriots. 
  3. Harbaugh has had a better amount of success playing the Patriots than most coaches. While the Ravens may not even have a winning record against the Pats, they have the weapons to truly go toe to toe with the Pats.

This game will shake the AFC, New England is the Goliath and every other team in the conference is trying to figure out who David could be.

By:Nikhil Swamy