Foresight 2020 – September

– September –

Every month, the Foresight 2020 organization picks four random seniors and one teacher. 

Those selected people are given $20.20 to spend on any act of kindness of their choice. The students highlighted on their website in the month of September included Christine Bayly, Taylor Glass, Catherine Lynch, and English teacher Mrs. Evans.

Bayly selflessly decided to spend her money on various desserts, including mini muffins and cinnamon rolls, to give to the Broad Run office staff. She spent the rest of the money on food donations for the homeless, which she dropped off at her church. 

Bayly says “I hope to leave a mark that people remember me as someone who helped them along and help them be successful, just an overall polite person to them.”

Glass asked his teachers what their favorite breakfast foods are and drove all around Ashburn to get them! He brought an assortment of muffins, bagels, and donuts to school one Monday morning as his act of kindness.

“I hope that all the teachers and staff and people just think positive of me,” says Glass.

Lynch took it upon herself to brighten the day of a little boy in her local emergency room. She used the $20.20 to purchase flowers, a “get well soon” balloon, and a stuffed toy dog. The little boy and his family will likely remember her act of kindness that lifted their spirits in a time of need. Mrs. Evans, the first teacher selected by the organization, bought four Starbucks gift cards to give to two patrons of the coffee shop. She also purchased four mini flower bouquets to give to customers at Lavender Fields Florist.

Lynch says “I hope to leave a mark of kindness, kinda like foresight 2020. I just wanna leave, like, having spread kindness and goodness and hopefully people will think like, ‘Oh Catherine, she was the nice one’, you know? I just want to be remembered in a positive light.”