Careful of No-Zones!


Virginia Tech Transportation Institute comes to BRHS.

Ari Khan and Nikhil Swamy

Learning to drive is a huge milestone in anyone’s adult life. We all have our stories of close calls on the road, but those stories become more dangerous when the other vehicle is over ten times the weight of an average car.

There are over a million people who die every year due to automobile accidents, and about 500,000 are due to accidents with trucks. Stats can make something look bleak, but all you need to be is more cautious and more understanding of your surroundings.  Thankfully, statistics have shown that students are beginning to drive more safely and carefully now.

Every year, physical education teacher Ken Belchik teaches a driver’s education class to sophomore students in which they learn about the mistakes that can be made on the road.

In one of these classes he invites a speaker who drives a commercial truck to teach his students the dangers of driving in no-zones.  ¨By bringing the things you learn in class, the theories, out here; you can actually apply these things you´re learning in the classroom to your driving,¨ said Belchik.

No-zones are the spots you should be cautious of while driving alongside a truck on the highway. This year, instructor, Scott Tidwell, from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute came to give a demonstration on no-zones in trucks and to give the future drivers a perspective on truck drivers. ¨If you´re going to pass a truck, ideally you want to pass on the left side, and you don’t want to linger next to it, you want to go right on by.  If you don’t have the space to get past them then stay back until you do have room,¨ said Tidwell. 

While it may be exciting to get your permit or license, be sure to check your blind spots and rearview mirrors!