50 Years At Home

The story of Broad Run's teachers

Broad Run High School started as a small school in the middle of a cornfield. Its first year, it was home to only roughly 900 students. As 2019 marks this wonderful school’s 50th anniversary, the student body has risen to be approximately 1,600 Spartans strong. As generations of Spartans pass through the halls, one thing has stayed the same, and that’s the teachers. The teachers here at Broad Run have helped mold the future generations here in Ashburn. The 50th anniversary brings with it a parade, a football game, and of course the dance. These events are all very orientated to raise student’s Spartan pride. However, there would be no Spartans without the teachers. So how does the faculty of Broad Run feel about the 50th anniversary? What was their first year teaching at BR like? What’s their favorite thing about teaching at BR? I asked six teachers, who have been working here for 15 years or more, their opinions.

How many years have you worked at Broad Run?

Mrs. Albers has been teaching here for 16 years.

Mrs. Harris has been teaching here for 18 years.

Mrs. Griffis has been teaching here for 18 years.

Mrs. Toner has been teaching here for 21 years.

Mrs. Baker has been teaching here for 22 years.

Mr. Simmons has been teaching here for 30 years.

What was your first year teaching at Broad Run like?

“I always felt like, when I got here, I could take a breath and I felt at home.” Mrs. Albers said.

“Everyone was just warm and welcoming,” Mrs. Harris said, “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

“It didn’t take me very long to feel like this was home,” said Mrs. Griffis.

“I got the family vibe of the building,” said Mrs. Toner.

“I had great kids,” Mrs. Baker said, “It was the second day of class, and I was calling kids by their names. The problem was, I wasn’t calling the right kid by their name. But they just went along with it.”

“Like the two schools I worked at prior to Broad Run, interesting,” said Mr. Simmons.

How does it feel being a teacher here during the 50th anniversary?

“I think it’s exciting, there’s a real charm to an old school,” said Mrs. Albers.

“The history and knowing how long this has been apart of Ashburn,” Mrs. Harris said, “I think it’s awesome, I think is really exciting.”

“It’s exciting,” Mrs. Griffis said, “Broad Runs physical uniqueness is also indicative of its uniqueness as a community. Its a special place, I really enjoy it here. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

“It’s exciting. It’s home, so it’s exciting to celebrate,” said Mrs. Toner.

“This is my last year, but I stayed for this. I kinda look back on it and go “Wow,” I was here for almost half of those 50 years. It’s a neat idea, It makes me feel good.” said Mrs. Baker.

I love it. With me going out this year, that kinda put a little interest on me too cause it’s our 50th anniversary here at Broad Run and my 30th year here at Broad Run. That very interesting.” Mr. Simmons said.

Some teachers around the school are marking the 50th year of Broad Run as their last, and they will be missed deeply. Hopefully, the 50th-anniversary celebrations will make these teachers last year one to remember. Other teachers hope to continue and see this school to its next milestones. Teachers, new and old, will continue to help make Broad Run the amazing school it is and will continue to mold this community as we move forward into the future.