Return of Cats: One of Broadway’s Most Famous Returns to Kennedy Center

Lindsay Lindquist, writer/ editor

September 25, 2019, an old theatre phenomenon found its way back to the Kennedy Center, here in Washington D.C.  This musical is none other than Cats, which was one of the most sold out shows ever on Broadway.  Cats was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who is a very acquitted play writer. He’s written The Phantom of the Opera,  Evita, Wizard of Oz, ect. The production ran for on broadway for 18 years, and London for 21, making it the longest running musical in both theatre districts. The last Cats performance was on September 10, 200, after 7,485 shows of the play.  Cats had made roughly $3.5 billion dollars in worldwide gross by 2012. The musical came back for a North American and International tour this year, mainly due to the new movie coming out in December. This new movie, Cats, is directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper. The cast of this new movie is filled with A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, James Corden, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson, etc. 

 The new rendition of the musical follows the same plot line as the original. Even the set of “The Junkyard” remains exactly the same. The new show features many technological features like; strobing lights, floating objects, smoke, and many other features that make it appear more modern. The costumes remain almost the same as the original, yet the makeup is even more realistic, with fake fur, whiskers, and painting that strickling resembles these actors into their new feline personas. As far as the music goes, it resembles the same soundtrack and acts of the original musical. Keri René Fuller who plays  Grizabella, received a standing ovation after her performance of Memory. The new rendition of Catsis overall a bright and exciting show that features the new modern aspects of technical theatre. The dancing is amazing, and includes a variety of different styles. Apart from the weird nature of the story, Cats was an artistically excellent musical that I highly recommend.