Broad Run Through the Years

Broad Run Through the Years

Nathan Lee, Writer/Editor

As Broad Run High School celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look back at the many highlights and milestones of the school since its opening until now.

Broad Run was originally founded in 1969 in order to reduce overcrowding in other schools in Loudoun County. It was nicknamed ¨Cornfield High¨ due to the fact that the school was predominantly surrounded by cornfields. The other schools were Loudoun Valley and Loudoun County which were all the way in Western Loudoun which meant that students in Eastern Loudoun often had long commutes to school.  Due to the opening of Dulles Airport attracting many people and the increasing amount of residential homes in Eastern Loudoun, the school board decided to make a new school located in Ashburn, Virginia which was called Broad Run High School. Broad Run High School is still going strong 50 years and currently has about 1700 students contrary to the 900 students in 1969.



  1. First year in which county schools were racially integrated
  2. 1st school year at Broad Run High School

    Broad Run High School in 1969, the first year it opened (Courtesy of


  1. 2nd school year at Broad Run
  2. Loudoun County vs Broad Run had a huge rivalry because they were the only schools in Loudoun County in the same division.

    1971- Students on the first day of school getting off the bus and getting ready for a great school year at Broad Run.


  1. Broad Run High School football stadium gets a name (L.F. Jennings Stadium). LF Jennings was the father of an alumnus and he donated 10,000 dollars to help improve the Broad Run stadium. 
  2. Student population of 1028

    1980- Seniors John Voivoda and Barry White jump to get the first down against Loudoun County.


  1. First Powderpuff Game ever at Broad Run
  2. 25th anniversary at Broad Run 
  3. First time in which clubs were held before and after school at Broad Run
  4. There was a lot of overpopulation and a lot of classes were at full capacity
  5. First time in which prom was held outside of Broad Run High School.

    1994- The senior girls getting ready to call the next play in the huddle during the powderpuff game.



  1. It was the first year in which students were able to move to Stone Bridge in order to help with overpopulation at Broad Run. 
  2. Change in how the blocks were scheduled. Now there were A days and B days so that students could have more balance in their schedules.
  3. It was the end of a millennium and it was a new era at Broad Run because there was less overcrowding
2000-The rising senior class enjoying a class picnic at Algonkian Park before the school year starts.


  1. 43rd year of Broad Run
  2. The bell rang at 3:48 instead of 4:03
  3. There were 1786 students
  4. Doug Anderson was the principal in 2012 since 2010
2012-Nigel Johnson is one of the best athletes to attend Broad Run. He played basketball at UVA and is currently in the NBA G League. Johnson averaged 29.5 points and a state record with 211 assists.



  1. 49th anniversary of Broad Run High School
  2. David Spage was and is currently the principal
  3. There was 1605 students this school year
  4. Broad Run Football was undefeated along with Coach Matt Griffis
  5. Cheer won a state championship along with Coach Amy Sergi.
2019- Broad Run ‘s cheer team won states beating out Briar Woods High School. Broad Run had 233 points and Briar had 227.5 points