Week 3 Game Picks

Nikhil Swamy, Writer/Editor

My name is NIkhil, and I am an aspiring sports writer. Below were my picks for week three of the NFL season. Out of the 16 games played I had the right team chosen in 10 of the 16 games. Out of the six games I missed, four of those games were could be considered upsets. For the Lions Eagles game, I had the Eagles winning because I trust Doug Peterson as a coach more than Matt Patrica. Next was The Colts beating Atlanta. Despite a solid performance from Julio Jones, Atlanta just does not have the same fire as they did Matt Ryan´s MVP year. Daniel Jones proved he can win; this was one prediction I hoped would be wrong, but it looks like the G-men have their man. The Saints are still dangerous; the Saints can still win, no matter who is under center just from the sheer amount of weapons they have on offense. Even a Pete Carol coached Seahawks could not keep them under 20 points. 


Here were my picks and score predictions before Sundayś games along with my analysis of the teams.


Ravens (2-0) 1pm Sunday          

Chiefs  (2-0)   

The last meeting between Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson ended with an OT win by the chiefs. Can Earl Thomas keep Mahomes under wraps, or will Lamar have to out shoot the league’s MVP. Both teams are (2-0); I believe the Ravens will scrape by in a shootout. Ravens win the upset.

My prediction: Ravens 35, Chiefs 33

actual score: Chiefs 33, Ravens 28


Titans (1-1) (Thursday Primetime)


An AFC South battle between two hard hitting teams. Last year, the Titans made it past the Jags stamped by a 99 yard TD run by Derrick Henry. I believe the Jags, with backup QB Gardener Minshew, will beat the TItans this time with a rather low-scoring game 10-6 Jaguars.

actual score: Jags 20, Titans 7

Lions  (1-0-1) 1pm Sunday

Eagles (1-1)

An NFC battle for two wins, I believe the Eagles will beat the Lions but not convincingly, injuries against the Falcons lost them the game last week. I’m taking the Eagles 14-10.

actual score: Lions 27, Eagles 24

Jets (0-2) 1pm Sunday

Patriots (2-0)

Tom Brady, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman, and Antonio Brown, must I continue? The Pats will steamroll every team in their division twice no doubt. Pats improve to (3-0) with a score of 28-10

actual score: Patriots 30, Jets 14

Raiders  (1-1)1pm Sunday

Vikings   (1-1)

The Raiders have shown flashes of competitiveness, but are still the same  Raiders, and after a stellar first quarter against the Chiefs, fell apart. I am taking the Viking to win 21-10.

actual score: Raiders  14, Vikings 34

Falcons   (1-1) 1pm Sunday

Colts    (1-1)

The Falcons are coming off a win long deserved against the Eagles, I believe they will ride past the Colts with a strong defense and superior offensive weapons. I ́m taking the Falcons to win 28-16.

actual score: Falcons 24, Colts 27

Broncos (0-2) 1pm Sunday

Packers  (2-0)

Joe Flacco is not going to take the Broncos to the postseason, and with some legitimate talent at RB with Lindsay and of course stud pass rusher Von MIller, it’s hard to see an upset against a red hot packers team. I’m taking the cheese heads to win 21-6. 

actual score: Broncos 16, Packers 27

Dolphins  (0-2) 1pm Sunday

Cowboys  (2-0)

Cowboys improve (3-0), Miami has been the utter worst team in years of the NFL, I am taking the Cowboys to win (42-0)

actual score: Dolphins 6, Cowboys 31

Bengals  (0-2) 1pm Sunday

BIlls  (2-0)

Andy Dalton is playing well, very well, John Ross has proved to be an above average receiver. Will the Bengals be able to pull out a win this week, quite possibly. I have the Bengals winning (24-21)

actual score: Bills 21, Bengals 17

Giants (0-2) 4:05 pm Sunday

Buccaneers  (1-1)

Daniel Jones had a great preseason, and now takes the field as a starter this week. I believe Jones will fight and keep the game close, but a Bruce Arians coached Bucs team, I believe will scrape by in a low scoring game. Buccaneers win (13-10)

actual score: GIants 32, Bucs 31

Panthers (0-2) 4:05 pm Sunday

Cardinals (0-1-1)

Cam Newton has been on a decline since his MVP season in 2016, his early playoff exist last year leaves more concerns than hopes for him. The rest of the team like, run game with centsational running back Christian McCaffrey and Luke Kuechly at linebacker will make enough plays to keep the Panther ́s season afloat. I am taking the Panthers (31-17) over the Cardinals.

actual score: Panthers 38, Cardinals 20

Steelers (0-2) 4:25 pm Sunday

49ers  (2-0)

Jimmy G is red hot and the Steelers seemingly can’t catch a break, running back James Conner has been less than effective and the hole left by AB at WR is becoming more and more apparent. Jimmy G will face his toughest test with the Steelers D, if they decide to show up of course. I am taking the 49ers to win 21-17.(watch for mason rudolph) 

actual score:  49ers 24, Steelers 20

Saints(1-1)  4:25 pm Sunday

Seahawks (2-0)

Drew Brees is injured, and even with him the Saints couldn’t put points in a highly anticipated rematch. Bad calls are one thing, but a team shouldn’t blame an inability on refs. Seattle is poised for another postseason run, and with the addition of Clowney and the emergence of Metcalf as a number one receiver, the future sure does look bright in the emerald city. I am taking Seattle to win 27-17.

actual score:  Saints 33, Hawks 27

Texans  (1-1)  4:25 pm Sunday

Chargers (1-1)

The Texans and Chargers both looked locked in for a postseason run, but a puzzling loss for the Chargers against the Lions does raise eyebrows. Austin Eckler isn ́t the same back Melvin Gordon was so maybe the Chargers are starting to feel that. The O-line play for the Texans last year was maybe the worst in the league allowing the most sacks for the 2018 season. The key to victory for the Texans will be protecting Watson which I believe they will do depending on Joey Bosa. Texans win 21-17

actual score: Texans 27, Chargers 20

Rams  (2-0) (Sunday Primetime)

Browns (1-1)

The Browns showed off their weapons against the Jets and although Odel looks good for Cleaveland, I still feel the most reliable player on their roster is Nick Chubb or Myles Garrett. The Rams will prove to be too daunting of a task against the Browns. With Goff becoming a better passer and the return of Cupp, the Rams are fit for another Superbowl appearance if they can just stay healthy. I have the Rams winning 31-21.

actual score: Rams 20, Browns 13

Bears (1-1) (Monday Night Football)

Redskins (0-2)

The Bears Offense is definitely not doing their defense any favors, the lackluster Mitch Trubisky offense might be a deciding factor in the Bear ́s successes going forward. The Redskins have a good run game and defense but after two back to back deflating losses, my guess is that after this game a change might be made at quarterback. I have the Bears winning 13-7.

actual score: Bears 31, Skins 15

My Game of the week analysis

My game of the week for week three is the Ravens and Chiefs rematch at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas. Both teams are ranked in the top five for total offense with the passing edge going to Kansas but the rushing edge going to the Ravens. The key difference in this game will be defensive plays with huge advantage in Baltimore ́s favor.