Homecoming: A Dance Through the Decades


Senior Alexandra FIgueroa rocking her 80s look!

Ari Khan, Writer/Editor

The autumn leaves are turning, changing skins.  There’s a smell in the air. Pumpkin, is it? All I know is there’s a rumor going around. It’s that homecoming is just around the corner.  Yes, indeed, the posters have been popping up at school, and girls are rushing to find the perfect dress. The seniors will be grieving their last school dance, while the freshman will be enjoying their first.  This year’s theme has been chosen to be the decades!

The freshmen have chose the 00s, sophomores have chosen 90s, juniors have been given 70s, and the seniors have chosen the 80s.  The 80s were wild and hectic,  with so many iconic events. For instance, Michael Jackson’s moonwalk was introduced in the 80s along with arcades, learning that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, and let’s not forget the production of The Breakfast Club.  

Homecoming has been an event in high school every student wishes to experience. From freshman year to senior year, each homecoming is special in its own way.  Each dance is a marking point of the year, realizing how true friends are. The way you deal with the drama every year and procrastinate by buying everything last minute may seem like a struggle at first, but once you pass that point, you realize how everything led up to that one moment.  You on the dance floor, dabbing, whipping, and nae naeing to your favorite songs with your best friends.

Sofie Sharif and Daniel Ortega are two seniors at Broad Run who were elected for homecoming court. They are both in class council, and Daniel is in SCA.

¨It’s bittersweet, and I can’t believe this is our last dance.  I know we’ve done it three times before, but it feels like we’re ready for this to be the last one,¨ said Sharif.

¨It’s kind of sad; this is the fourth homecoming I will be attending, and the second one I’ve planned.  I’ve had a great time at all of them with my friends. Homecoming is one of my favorite events at Broad Run.¨ said Ortega.

If you’re planning on not going or if you believe that homecoming is not worth it, reconsider.  Maybe it really is. Go buy your ticket, find a dress or suit to rock, hang out with your friends, dance, and just let go.  These are the memories you will hold on to after you leave high school. You’ll look back and realize that all of it was really worth it, believe me.