Patton Oswalt Makes An Appearance at Broad Run


Last Friday, the Speech team held a “special” practice during school. For about a week before, students were wondering why they are holding practice during school, and what makes it so special. To these students surprise, Broad Run alumni and comedian Patton Oswalt was there to judge their practice and help students with their speeches.


Patton’s first critique was to Reshteena Abdullah with her humorous interpretation of a sketch called “Camp Winnipesaukee” starring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake performed as a one woman show.

Some of his critiques: “You did really well with differentiating between the characters, but find a way so that you are projecting out to the audience and the other thing is it’s humorous interpretation… you weren’t so much concentrating on the words and you were concentrating on the way those words were performed and you disconnected from it a little bit… make it more your own.” 


He took time to listen to every speech, and he even talked about his influences. “The way I started off with comedy and humorous interpretation was through Monty Python speeches. In my first competition, I actually performed the Monty Python Bookshop sketch.”


He even gave critiques on a piece that required the student, Calvin Simpkins, to talk about a piece that Patton was personally involved with, BoJack Horseman. This speech was an impromptu style speech, which meant that Calvin had to write his speech on the spot, in a set amount of time. After his speech, Patton was very impressed. “You pulled it off,” Patton said. 


“This is the absolute highlight of my life!” Simpkins said.


The next few speeches included a dramatic interpretation, declamation, and a duo humorous interpretation. “These were all great,” he said, “you all are amazing.” He told the team that they would change the world and his last words to them were, “My generation blew it, it’s up to you now, wee!”