BR Teachers Speak on Debate Issues

Nikhil Swamy, Writer/Editor

Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has proposed a $1,000 freedom dividend to every citizen in the United States. While this plan is ambitious, but is it feasible? Not all candidates have the name recognition as say Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. So if younger less big name candidates don’t express themselves or ideas, then how can they differentiate themselves? Many of the ideas resonate differently with some of the teachers. These are some of the thoughts on Yang’s proposal and how to differentiate smaller name candidates from others.  

¨He doesn’t know what he is talking about, it could not be possible with the amount of citizens in the U.S. He doesn’t understand free trade he’s an entrepreneur not a politician,¨ said science teacher Michael Williams in response to hearing about Yang’s proposal. He ended with this question on how smaller candidates can get their names out in the race.̈When people give stuff without value, what value does it truly have?¨ said Williams.

“I’m curious where the money will come from, ̈ said Math teacher Mary Ries in response to the dividend question. When it comes to getting younger candidates getting their names out there, Ries added,̈It depends on the demographic like buying airtime for commercials; but will young people even see those if we pay to remove commercials i.e Netflix? Social media attracts youth, but which one should a candidate use?¨ There are more platforms than ever, and Yang himself is very connected on social media through memes about him. 

̈There have been tax given in the past, but it could be detrimental to the nation’s economy,” said dual enrollment English teacher Barbara Musselman in response to Andrew Yang’s dividend question. In response to the question of how smaller name candidates can get heard on this level,  she said,̈Be outrageous; be totally different, but have integrity.”

As we dive deeper into the political race, we will uncover more and more about the candidates to find out who will have our future’s best interests.