Welcome to Broad Run, Ms. Coleman!


Nathan Lee, Writer/Editor

With the 2019-20 school year kicking off at Broad Run High School comes new faculty. There are sixteen new faculty members this year at Broad Run ranging from deputies to counselors to teachers who are all extraordinarily excited to work with the students.

One of the new faculty members is Ms. Bria Coleman who teaches Ninth and Tenth Grade English. She attended Centreville High School which is in Fairfax County and got her degree  from James Madison University. At James Madison University, she earned a Bachelors in English and a Masters of Arts Degree in Teaching. Ms. Coleman has previously taught English in Augusta County, Harrisonburg City, and Fairfax County prior to becoming a teacher at Broad Run. Ms. Coleman loves teaching English because she believes that it allows for stronger communication and because she wants her students to be able to envision powerful worlds in and out of school. As an English teacher, her goals for her students are for them to be able to voice their thoughts, improve their writing skills, and find one book they love.

Ms. Coleman is extremely passionate about teaching at Broad Run High School and cannot wait to have a great school year. Her experience so far have been, in her words, ¨Amazing,¨ and she hopes to have even more great ones.

¨When I interviewed at Broad Run, I immediately felt loved and welcomed! After meeting Mr. Spage and Mrs. Musselman, I knew this was where I wanted to be – I’m so glad I trusted my instincts!¨, said Coleman.

After being asked what she likes the most about Broad Run after about three weeks, Coleman said, ¨It feels like home here. While I’ve only been in the building for about a month, everyone I have met has taken the time to learn my name and to ask me if I ever need anything, including students! I love how caring everyone is here. Everyone smiles and says hello in the hallways, including students I don’t even have! Of all of the schools I have ever visited and worked in, I’ve never felt the way I feel here. I love telling all of my other teacher friends how nice everyone is here.¨