Freshman Year; Different Points of View


Ari Khan, Writer/Editor

What is it like being a freshman?; we’ve all been through it.  We’ve all been through the fear of going into a new school and being nervous about all the changes high school brings.  We forget all of it very easily; everything in high school happens so subtly that we lose the fear and don’t remember why we were afraid in the first place.  I’ve talked to a few classmates about their freshman year, sophomore year, junior year, and senior year. Each had said something similar, yet each had a different point of view of high school in general.

One of the two freshmen I spoke to, Claire Helldorfer, said that Broad Run was very welcoming and that her classmates and teachers were kind. 

 ̈I was nervous because everyone told me that high school was scary and once I got used to it, it was not that scary. It’s just like middle school, without lockers,¨ she said.

The other freshman, Maddie Swanke, said that she loves how hype the school is and how the school is managed well.  She said, ̈The workload is actually less than middle school, and it’s less stressful.̈ Both freshmen have admitted that Broad Run has lived up to their expectations of high school.  Hopefully, they will get more involved along the years.

Morgan Kelley, a sophomore, said that she wasn’t involved in many clubs her freshman year but is now trying to join key club and partners club. 

 ¨I was nervous as a freshman because I didn’t know what to expect and everything was new. The workload was definitely more,¨ she said.

Sid Podury is a junior at Broad Run, and he said that he regrets not paying attention to his grades as a freshman. 

“Freshman year was alright for the most part,¨ said Sid.

Another junior I spoke to, Mikayla Sullivan, had a lot to say as well. ̈It was exciting; as I got used to it, it got better.  The teachers and students we’re kind and sweet. I didn’t have a STS mentor but wish I did, I’m sure it would’ve helped a lot,¨ she said.

When I asked Mikayla if she was nervous as a freshman she said, ̈I think it’s normal to get nervous, I still get nervous as a junior.¨  I really related to that. Even as a senior, I feel so nervous about so many things. I don’t think the feeling ever fully goes away. It’s just suppressed overtime. 

¨I was really scared as a freshman and I felt really alone coming into Broad Run.  I felt really lost,¨ said Nicky Kinney, a Broad Run senior.

She also admitted that, ̈becoming more involved helped a lot because I met a lot of new people and became closer to more teachers.¨  The only regret Nicky seemed to have was that she didn’t join clubs sooner, because she wishes that she had met these people earlier on.  

All in all, high school is an experience that everyone is bound to go through.  The advice I can give to freshmen is that you should pay attention to your grades; you’re going to hear people say it doesn’t matter, but trust me, it does.  People will say get involved, and you may not know how, but try to find a way to get involved. Ask you teachers questions, meet your counselor. Get to know your surroundings, and really try to get all your experiences.  Because you won’t even realize when it all comes to an end. You’ll be sitting in your classroom, senior year, and you’ll wonder where all the time went.