Newsies Spotlights BR Talent

Lauren Yeo and Lyndsay Goodwin , Staff Writers

On April 4-6 at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2, the Broad Run theater will present Newsies, a Broadway musical.  The Director, theater teacher Brandon Karbaugh expressed just how excited he is for this production.

“It’s very high energy and it’s based on a true story- historical fiction. It’s a huge production especially here at Broad Run specifically. There are many different types of people involved in the show from teachers to student athletes. Please come out to support your fellow Spartans!” Karbaugh said.

This production has been a huge process for quite some time, and the Broad Run theater department has been working on this since last year. There was almost 3 months of rehearsals everyday to prepare for this show.

“When I say that I am a director many people think of me as taking over the show, However; I don’t see my job like that in any way. My favorite part is trying to empower as many voices to work together as possible. I love seeing growth on stage, so seeing someone start from the bottom and ending up where they are today really gives me a purpose,” Karbaugh said.

“There are about fifty-five people in the cast and a dozen working backstage. What makes this show truly special is that there are people in Newsies that have never done something like this before so, I am truly looking forward to everyone seeing some new faces this year,” Karbaugh says.

“The Broad Run theater production does something different every year but this show is nothing like they’ve ever done before. The cast had to learn lots of new skills such as tap dancing. I wanted them to experience new things and learn from the process. My goal was to push their comfort zones and really put themselves out there. I’m so excited for the show,” Karbaugh said.

This will be a show that you have never seen before. From your favorite drama students, your favorite teachers, all the way to your very own Spartan athletes. The Broad Run family will come together under the spotlight on April 4-7 at 7 p.m.  Do not miss a chance to see something you have never yet seen before at your very own high school.