Broad Run’s 5th Annual African American Read In

Broad Run High School’s 5th Annual African American Read-in was held on Monday, February 11, 2019. The read in is an event held for Black History Month in which the student body of Broad Run, as well as staff and parents of the Spartan community can share original work or pieces by their favorite African American artists and creators.

As one of the participants, I can say that it was truly an energizing experience. The energy in the auditorium was extremely supportive. There was a kind of closeness or camaraderie in the room which made the energy of the event feel warm, comforting, and special. It was like, “Wow, we’re a group of people supporting each other and honoring black literature and art, this is so special.”

Our guest speaker, the spectacular Camisha Jones, read some of her poetry which was beyond dazzling. Her presence and the way she carried herself in itself was so inspiring to see. The effortless way she would crack jokes and create a wave of laughter in the audience was fantastic, and she was so down to earth. My mom came to me after the event and told me how much she loved the poem about chronic pain because of how real and relatable it was. We bought her book of poetry afterwards, and it’s filled with such beautiful words and sentiments.

My friend Erica Jegels and I performed “Isn’t She Lovely” by the absolutely outstanding Stevie Wonder on the ukulele. Both of us were extremely nervous as we both love to sing but haven’t had much experience performing in front of audiences. Although we (I) messed up a few times, the performance was received by a warm applause that genuinely filled my heart. Both of us were satisfied with our performances and were happy to support the English department and honor black history. Fun fact, I have this poster in my room called a “scratch off bucket list” which has a list of experiences to have in your lifetime, and one of them was to sing to an audience, so I finally crossed, or scratched, that one off!

After the readings, songs and visuals were finished, everyone congregated in the lobby for refreshments and praised each other on their jobs well done. It was a great experience that I am so happy to have been a part of. All of the participants were excellent, and this experience made me proud to be a part of the magnificent Broad Run community.

Happy Black History Month, Spartans!