Creed II Review – Movie Offers Lifeline for Rest of Franchise

The “Rocky” franchise has seen a dramatic transformation with its latest film, “Creed II”. This film has broke the recent narrative in Hollywood that there aren’t any multi-sequel franchises worth watching. The second series in this franchise has been bequeathed from director of “Creed” Ryan Coogler, to his former classmate Steven Caple. Like Coogler, Caple was in his late twenties when he was offered the job. Caple had limited experience when he took the job, with only one screenplay, “The Land” to his name. However, Caple did a brilliant job directing, more than adequately filling the shoes of Coogler.

The success of “Creed II” came down to two men.┬áCaple, who showed off his directing chops thoroughly in this film, and Michael B. Jordan.┬áJordan is the star of the movie, playing Adonis Creed, son of the late great Apollo Creed. Apollo was Rocky’s rival-turned-friend in the first “Rocky” franchise. Any “Rocky” movie wouldn’t be authentic if it weren’t for Sylvester Stallone, however. In a much more supporting role than in the previous installments, Stallone still turns on the crowd-pleasing charm to please diehard fans from the first series. Despite seeing a decreased role, Stallone manages to work his way into the mind of the audience for his nostalgic demeanor and his powerful lines. Jordan has used this movie franchise to affirm that he is the premier young male movie star in the country. His charisma in “Creed II” is what makes the movie special. In a storyline that could be dangerously boring if not executed perfectly, Jordan and Florian Munteanu, who plays Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago, who killed Apollo Creed in the ring thirty-three years earlier. An overused plot of, “two sons promising to exact revenge for their fathers” may have proved to be disastrous if it weren’t for the work of Jordan. Jordan displays his versatility as an actor in this film. There are moments in the movie that would appease any audience. From losing a trusted friend and mentor in Rocky, to finding out about his wife’s pregnancy, to the hatred of his rival, to the remorse shown after the fight, Jordan shows a wide variety of emotions and gives the movie an unpredictable air.

Overall, “Creed II” should be seen as a much-needed revival of the franchise, an injection of life for a series that seemed to be on its last legs. With Tessa Thompson and Wood Harris provided well developed, supporting characters, and of course, Jordan stealing the show, “Creed II” is a terrific movie that gives hope for the rest of the franchise.

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