Behind the Scenes of Broad Run Sports

Lauren Yeo, Staff Writer

Broad Runs athletic director, Ryan Young

*The following is another in The Spartan’s series honoring the 50th Anniversary of Broad Run HS

We have big achievements in the Broad Run athletic department and the Broad Run’s current athletic director, Ryan Young is in charge of many duties on stage as well as backstage. He has many close relationships with former and current athletes here at Broad Run.

 “We have a lot of success here at Broad Run.  We have 18 state championships over our 50 years as well as numerous district and regional championships. I believe we have one of the best athletic programs in the country and I am very proud to be a part of this special school,” said Young.  

Young feels very proud to represent Broad Run.  He has gone through some amazing experiences as our athletic director but the most rewarding moments to him is watching our athletes and teams grow from their freshman year to their senior year.

“I not only am proud of their athletic accomplishments as they get older, but I am also proud of their progression in maturity and them becoming better people,” he states.

Young’s definition of “success” in athletics is competing to the very end and being good leaders for the school. He also mentions that one of the most important ideas to success to him is representing not just our school, but our community with great honor and integrity.

He knows of many people on the BR’s Athletic Hall of Fame but the two people he was very close to was inducted this year.  Caitlyn Delahaba, former Broad Run softball player and Jack Kirby, former athletic director.

“It’s great to see these talented, great people on the Hall of Fame!” Young said

Some reasons why Ryan Young stays at and loves Broad Run is the awesome students, family, and the faculty that we have.  

“Broad Run truly represents and taught me the word family,” he said.