Friends and Family Come Together During BR Field Day

Lyndsay Goodwin

Field day is held at Broad Run High School in the Spartan Gymnasium every year.  It is run by the Basketball Coach and P.E Teacher John Costello. He started field day about 12 years ago when he had a student with special needs who really impacted his life.

“She was a student in my class who had special needs. She left footprints all over my heart. All these kids give so much to us like love and kindness, so it was time for us to do something for them.”

Sophie Dunn, Taylor Reyes, and this reporter meet a new friend.

Field day was held this year on Tuesday November 20. The students at Broad Run filled the bleachers while special needs students from all over the county came in. Any student who has participated will say that the day goes by way too fast, is so much fun, and impacts them immensely. It is really life changing.

“About 200 kids from Broad Run volunteer for this special day. As of right now,  students that volunteered for this day and graduated from Broad Run High School are now Special Ed teachers here in Loudoun County. It is such a wonderful opportunity for us as a community to start off the holidays by giving to others,” said “Coach Cos.”

The special need students look forward to this day every year. They even have a countdown on their buses. When they came walking into the gym, their smiles just lit up the whole place. They were just so happy, and their smiles never went away the whole entire day. Endless laughs and fun. One girl even said….

“We all love this day, we love it because for one day we can just be normal.”

Here is a perspective from a participant:  These students all have something so special about them. Something that you just can not find in anyone else. They are so much better than what they think “normal” might be. This day was truly an amazing experience. So many different personalities filling the gym, yet so many smiles and friendships all coming together for them. They have the power to bring people from all over this town together.

Many Broad Run Alumni came back to BR on their Thanksgiving break to help out and volunteer as well. So the impact goes beyond four years of high school.  Teachers, students, BR alumni, and most importantly the special needs students in our community create one big family in that gym.