A Neighborhood Rivalry Ends with a Spartan Win

Lyndsay Goodwin

A game of momentum swings, big plays, and anticipation all year. The Broad Run Spartans go up against the Stone Bridge Bulldogs in what is called “The Battle of the Burn” every year.  Even though the game was rescheduled to Thursday November 1st, the Broad Run stadium was filled with maroon, gold, blue, and white. Both sides of Ashburn came together under the lights of Broad Run High to see the game of the year and support the Madison Small foundation. Both teams came out ready to play and to  win the


Potomac District title.

Stone Bridge scored the first touchdown on a 40 yard touchdown run by Zakeious Moore to make the game 7-0. Mitch Griffis ran the ball in for a 18 yard TD to tie the game 7-7. After Broad Run made a stop on defense, Broad Run threw a screen pass and a Stone Bridge defender tipped it up in the air and they caught it and returned it for a pick six, Stone Bridge took the lead 14-7 .

Following big runs by Tim Baldwin and  Mitch Griffis, on a huge fourth down Mitch found Rome Minor in the back of the endzone for a Broad Run touchdown making it 14-14 going into the half. Starting the second half Broad Run had the ball and drove down the field. Mitch Griffis threw a touchdown pass to Luke Lindenfeldar to put Broad Run in the lead 20-14 with a missed extra point. Stone Bridge drove down the field no points for them on the board, Broad Runs ball. 1st and goal and a touchdown run by Tim Baldwin. Went for the 2 point conversion and a pass to Jake Busser got called back.

The second attempt was no good, Griffis got sacked a score of 26-14 Spartans in the lead. Stone Bridge drove down the field, 4th down on the 1 and a touchdown for Stone Bridge 26-20 with a missed extra point.

The game ended with a 26-20 win for Broad Run High School over Stone Bridge to clench the Conference Championship. Broad Run’s student section, the “Maroon Crew” stormed the field and celebrated the big win with the football team. Players held up the trophy and the Broad Run family all came together on the home field at Broad Run High School. A few words from the coaches and celebrations after the big win. A tightly matched game every year, Broad Run came out on top on Thursday November 1st at Spartans Stadium.

Captain and Senior Ryan Gorey came out to play on Thursday night as well as all of his fellow teammates.

“We have all grown up together as a team. We’ve always been the toughest team and I have always had the best teammates.”

“One thing we did well in this game was keeping our composure the entire game but we have to keep the foot on the pedal the entire game. One of the biggest turning points of the game was when Hunter Horton intercepted that pass. We knew their offense could not do anything against our defense so we knew then that was game.”

On Friday November 2nd at 9:15 the seniors of Broad Run High School raised the Conference Championship flag. Now off to the playoffs for the Broad Run Spartans.

“After this we know we are a dangerous team that nobody wants to play and that we aren’t even close to being done. State championship is the goal and that’s what we will be satisfied with.” Gorey concluded.