The Revolutionizing of Technology

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Editor

Technology is revolutionizing the whole world. It has changed people’s lives over time and is still continuing to change and develop gradually. From black and white films and writing letters to Netflix and Snapchat, we have come a long way.

Although it has down sides, technology has been helpful to us in many ways. With a touch of a button, we can send text messages to each other; we are able to use less effort on things than we did before. The devices are also easier to use, and they can help us with everyday tasks. Technology and phones are being incorporated into our lives more than ever.

Technology is also being incorporated into school work to make it easier for teachers and students to use. A decade ago, Broad Run teachers gave lessons on chalkboards to their students. With Promethean boards, teachers can now give students an unimaginable high school experience. Sophomore Ainsley Sucherman says that technology is very beneficial.

“I think school is providing devices to students so that work is easier and to save more trees; it is also easier to use because, when teachers write on chalkboards, their hands cramp up.” 

In the last 50 years, society has changed as a whole. As new technological advances arise, so does the quality of how we live. Technology has helped us interact with one another through social media and we have made connections with people worldwide. It has allowed us to see the world in a different way and shows us the important issues that are going on in the world.