The Impacts of Recycling

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Editor

Recycling is vital for our environment. It is a simple task that can seriously impact our surrounding and the way we live. It is very important to not only recycle, but to also reduce our waste, and have a more renewable way of living.

According to the Resource Recovery and Waste Management Division, if we follow a simple task by recycling office paper, it can “save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 463 gallons of oil, and three cubic yards of landfill space.” We underestimate what a simple step like can have on the environment.

More importantly, recycling is important because it reduces the chance of global warming. When food is wasted it increases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produce. It then pollutes the air and puts warm air into the atmosphere which can increase the chance of global warming. Composting is an alternative way to stop throwing away food and important resources that we depend on. It is a better way to save the environment and to improve our habits.

According to the Los Angeles Times report, around 1.3 billion tons are wasted annually. It only takes a small step to recycle and save thousands of natural resources that are important to us. It can better the environment by making it cleaner and a better place to live in the future.