Congressional Midterm Elections: Why should we care?

Teenagers have become more involved in political matters than any other time in this country. The March For Our Lives movement was the moment that I really noticed how my generation was taking a strong stand for what they believe in, and it was so inspiring to me. I can only hope that this energy will continue throughout the rest of my life because we all have witnessed how powerful young people are. With the Virginia Congressional Midterm Elections coming up, it´s important that teens know how important it is that everybody who has the power to vote will, because the ballots directly effect us.

Jennifer Wexton and Barbara Comstock, Virginia´s leading Democratic and Republican candidates for congress, are two very different candidates with opposing views on important issues like gun control, abortion, immigration, and taxes. You may have seen those aggravating YouTube ads popping up on your videos of the two candidates smack-talking each other in their commercials. Specifically, gun control isa debate that will either make or break Comstock. Comstock has strong ties to the National Rifle Association, which in the past has been considered a strength. Although, in today´s climate, it may be considered a liability.

In the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting on February 14, gun control advocates have been hoping to vote out Comstock from progressive-leaning Northern Virginia. With Comstocks´ A rating from the NRA, they are hoping results will not be in her favor on election day.

Wexton, on the other hand, strongly advocates for gun violence prevention. She has accused her opponent of being ¨bought and paid for¨ by the gun lobby. Many political analysts are rating Wexton as a slight favorite in progressive-leaning Northern Virginia right now for her strong advocacy against gun violence.

With the incredible amount of school and mass shootings in 2018, the most prominent one being the Parkland shooting, voting demographics have shifted massively with more young people choosing to vote.  This midterm election is almost as important as a presidential election is in my opinion, with gun control being one of the most important issues that needs to be handled by the right people.

Whether it may or may not seem like it, these midterm elections directly affect us, especially with the issue of gun control. As young people, we have to be aware of what is going on in the country. You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you. The world will be in our hands one day. Soon we´re going to be the ones showing up at 8 o´ clock on the first Tuesday of November to put our ballot into a cardboard box. Even though we can´t vote yet, we still have to be aware and pay attention. Or as some like to say, stay ¨woke.¨