Spartan Golf Stays Close in a Competitive 2018 Season

Lauren Yeo and Lyndsay Goodwin


Matthew Yun commits playing golf for Rose- Hulman Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Photo courtesy of @broadrunhs_golf

The Broad Run golf team had yet again another competitive season. They made it past districts, and qualified to go into Regionals. Even though they lost and their season ended at Regionals, the team gave the season their all and really worked hard to have a great year. The players and their coach agreed that the Regional berth has encouraged to work harder next season.  Junior Mason Sergi, Sophomore Quinn Stromberg, and Coach Tom Meier had a lot to say about their season and the team.

“My teammates are truly a great group of people. We got some knuckleheads who love to goof around and have fun with each other, while getting better on our game. What’s really great is when someone has a bad day on the course, someone else will step up and have their back. God blessed me with a great coach and teammates,” said Junior Mason Sergi.

Meier, the Broad Run golf coach, expressed how much this golf team and program means to him. He has been coaching for the BR golf team for 3 years. He has gotten to coach a group of players he refers to as the “Fab 5” which includes Mason Sergi, Matthew Yun, Hannah Jonely, Caroline Dennis, and Quinn Stromberg since they were freshmen. Here is how coach feels about the “Fab 5.”

“I come back each year for the opportunity to coach them. I have coached them since they were freshman, and to see them grow-up and mature into hard-working young people is incredibly rewarding,” said Meier.

“I love their energy and competitiveness. As a player, and now as a coach I’m as competitive as anybody I know. Having the opportunity to coach players who want to win as much as I do, makes this experience so unique and special. Also their enthusiasm; our golf team is just a fun group of kids to be around. Each player has their own unique and vibrant personality that shows in everything they do. There’s never a dull moment on the BR golf team,” said Meier.

One big event that happened this season for the BR Golf program is Senior Matthew Yun verbally committed to play golf in college. Matthew’s teammates all expressed how proud and excited they all are for this huge commit.

Mason Sergi, junior
Quinn Stromberg, sophomore Photo courtesy of @broadrunhs_golf

Many other players said that was the best part of their season.

“The one thing our team did really well this year was battle adversity, and growing through tough experiences. When our team found itself in some tough situations, we stuck together, and worked harder to become better players, and a better team. Despite the fact that we did not win the Districts, our team still played as hard as possible to give our program the best chance to win each day they competed,” said Meier.

“I think our team just needs to keep working hard in the offseason. My goal is to win a state championship next year,

and by doing that were going to have to keep grinding and have faith in each other to get it done,”  Sergi stated.

“One thing that our team did really well was how we all loved one another and picked each person up whether it was a bad day in golf or just

The golf team 2018 Photo courtesy of @broadrunhs_golf

in life. I knew that I could talk to any of my teammates about almost everything. I feel that we should have and could have won a couple matches we lost but they are just going to be learning experiences for future matches,” Stromberg concluded.