Senior Sanya Verma Takes Actions to Implement Her Idea for an Exciting Club

Sahar Koreshi, Staff Editor

This school year up until now has gotten off to a busy start with others as particular as Sanya Verma, a senior who has been excited to start a newly introduced club for the Spartans here at Broad Run High School.

The Badminton club was implemented by taking it down to the head of the Health and P.E. Department, Cindy May. As Verma’s friends are excited and eager to join this non competitive club, there are still arrangements being held for other additional purposes.

This exhilarating club will be held in the main gym at 8:30 in the mornings once a week. She has also put up a Remind so that others can stay in touch with any additional news. There will also be prizes and certificates given to the winners at each non-competitive tournament held at the gym.

All of Verma’s friends are more than just excited to join and can’t wait for an amazing year at the Badminton club.