Spartan Spotlight: Meet Mr. Newman!

Lulu Chatterjee, Staff Writer

Mr. Newman, at first glance, might just look like a man-bun wearing history teacher, but he is also one of the sponsors for one of Broad Run´s biggest and most popular clubs, Interact. Interact is a club sponsored by Rotary, a service program. The purpose of Interact is to get more young people involved in community and international service. I talked to Mr. Newman about the Broad Run Interact club and here´s what he had to say:

Lulu: Hi Mr. Newman! Thank you so much for doing this interview today! Okay so first of all, why did you become a sponsor for the Interact club here at Broad Run?

Mr. Newman: Well, it started probably 8 or 9 years ago when one of my students wanted to start an Interact club at Broad Run. She wanted me to be the sponsor and I said, ¨Sure, why not!¨ The club started up in 2009.

L: Cool, cool, and what kind of activities are the Interact club involved with?

Mr. N: Oh, all sorts of things. The Canned Food Castle Competition in December is actually something that Broad Run came up with instead of a traditional canned food drive. The schools in Loudoun County compete with each other to see which school can build the biggest castle out of canned food, and it´s always a lot of fun every year because people walking by get to see the castle, it´s a lot of fun. We also host the annual Color Run, we did a bake sale for the Puerto Rico hurricane relief last year, and we host the blood drives for the Red Cross every year.

L: What were some of your favorite Interact events from the past?

Mr. N: The Color Run is always a huge pain to put together and plan for, but when you see it all come together it´s always so great to see, and also the Canned Food Castle Competition is always a lot of fun every year.

L: Why should more people join the Interact club?

Mr. N: Well, some might join just to list it as something on your college application which is always a plus, and scholarships are offered through Rotary. For more altruistic reasons to join, you´re able to help out the community locally and internationally. It is a really great chance to help out other people, and it´s also so much fun.

L:  That´s super great. Lastly, where can people find information about the Interact club?

Mr. N: We´re going to be having interest meetings soon for people who want to find out more about Interact. You could also stop by my room for questions, you know, when I´m not in the middle of teaching of course. You can also contact the Interact officers if you know who they are.

L: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview!

Mr. N: Yeah, this was super cool.